BEN Members

A full directory of Burren Ecotourism Members, Partners and Friends

BEN Members

Full Members  

Aillwee Cave & Birds of Prey Centre           
Anam Coffee                                                     
Ballinsheen House                                          

Boghill Centre                                                  

Burren College of Art                                     
Burren Experience Guided Walks               

Burren Fine Wine & Foods                           
Burren Free Range Pork                                
Burren Nature Sanctuary                              
Burren Smokehouse                                       
Burren Yoga & Meditation Centre               
Cliffs of Moher Centre Ltd                            
Coisceim Anama                                             

Burren Centre                                                  
Doolin Cave                                                      
Doolin Ferry Co                                               

Doolin2Aran Ferries                                      

Ewhizz Electric Bikes                                     
Falls Hotel                                                        
Hazelwood Lodge                                            

Hotel Doolin                                                     
Hylands Burren Hotel                                    
Irish Crafts                                                        

Irish Herbal Roots                                           
Kierans Kitchen                                               
Kilfenora Hostel                                              
Linnalla Pure Irish Ice Cream                      
Linnanes Lobster Bar                                     
Moloney House                                               
Roadside Tavern                                             

Sea View House Doolin                                 
Stonecutters Kitchen                                     

The Farmyard                                                 
Wild Kitchen                                                   


Bee Loved Skincare                                       
St Tola Irish Goat Cheese                             

BEN Friends

Burren Painting Centre                                 
Burren Talk                                                      
Caherconnell Stone Fort                               
Corofin Camping & Hostel                           

Doolin Music House                                      
Fifty Shades Greener                                     
Cliffs Of Moher Retreat                                

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12 Sep News
The Burren Food Fayre “Taste without Waste”

28th October 2018 The Pavaillion, Lisdoonvarna, Co.Clare October Bank Holiday Weekend will see the 7th Annual Year of the Burren Food Fayre. The theme for 2018 is #TasteWithoutWaste and it will bring …

13 Jul News
Irish hospitality at its best – Connecting the past and the present

In June 2018, seventeen members of the Lally and Masse clan from the United States stepped into the Roadside Tavern for refreshments. Now, Ireland is well known for its warm hospitality and …

6 Jul News
Aillwee bear was living alongside first Irish settlers

1. In 1976, hundreds of animal bones were discovered in Aillwee Cave when it was first developed as a tourist site. Botanist Brian Ottway of University College Galway collected these …

4 Jul News
Benefits of Meditating in the Magnificent Burren Outdoors

Benefits of Meditating in the Magnificent Burren Outdoors The Dalai Lama once said: “If every 8-year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within …