BEN Members

A full directory of Burren Ecotourism Members, Partners and Friends

BEN Members

Full Members  

Aillwee Cave & Birds of Prey Centre           
Anam Coffee                                                     
Ballinsheen House                                          

Boghill Centre                                                  

Burren College of Art                                     
Burren Experience Guided Walks               

Burren Fine Wine & Foods                           
Burren Free Range Pork                                
Burren Nature Sanctuary                              
Burren Smokehouse                                       
Burren Yoga & Meditation Centre               
Cliffs of Moher Centre Ltd                            
Coisceim Anama                                             

Burren Centre                                                  
Doolin Cave                                                      
Doolin Ferry Co                                               

Doolin2Aran Ferries                                      

Ewhizz Electric Bikes                                     
Falls Hotel                                                        
Hazelwood Lodge                                            

Hotel Doolin                                                     
Hylands Burren Hotel                                    
Irish Crafts                                                        

Irish Herbal Roots                                           
Kierans Kitchen                                               
Kilfenora Hostel                                              
Linnalla Pure Irish Ice Cream                      
Linnanes Lobster Bar                                     
Moloney House                                               
Roadside Tavern                                             

Sea View House Doolin                                 
Stonecutters Kitchen                                     

The Farmyard                                                 
Wild Kitchen                                                   


Bee Loved Skincare                                       
St Tola Irish Goat Cheese                             

BEN Friends

Burren Painting Centre                                 
Burren Talk                                                      
Caherconnell Stone Fort                               
Corofin Camping & Hostel                           

Doolin Music House                                      
Fifty Shades Greener                                     
Cliffs Of Moher Retreat                                

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Clodagh 16 Jan News
Aillwee Birds of Prey Centre on tour to Nepal

The Birds of Prey Centre at Aillwee heads to the Himalayas As part of its on-going commitment to raptor conservation, the Birds of Prey Centre at Aillwee is sending one of …

IMG_3467 15 Jan News
Medicine in the Old man’s beard

Sometimes I struggle to pin down exactly what it is that draws me to the Burren. It is a beautiful unique landscape, untouched, unspoilt and magnificent. And yet there is …

Irish Herbal Roots 5 Jan News
25% of Herbal/Naturopathic Consultation for the month of February

What is a Herbalist/Naturopath? A Herbalist is a practitioner who is trained in using natural plants for treating a wide range of health issues. Parsley, sage and thyme are examples of well known culinary herbs but …

Boghill Centre music workshop 2 Jan News
Learning Music by Ear

Over the years I have been teaching a lot of traditional Irish Music and the thing that has always intrigued me is how do people learn tunes? I tend to …