TASTE THE BURREN – A walk through Time in St. Fachtnan’s Cathedral

A Walk Through Time in St. Fachtnan’s Cathedral and environs in Kilfenora followed by home-made scones and tea/coffee.

A synopsis of the ecclesiastical history of St. Fachtnan’s monastic settlement in Kilfenora including its medieval cathedral and high crosses followed by refreshments.

Kilfenora Cathedral.

St. Fachtnan from Roscarberry in West Cork, whose memory the cathedral is dedicated is said to have founded a monastery in Kilfenora in the 6th Century.

The first written reference to a Catholic church existing in Kilfenora is from 1055 when Murrogh O’Brien burned a church and slew most of the village inhabitants plundering about 100 houses.

In 1115 Kilfenora was chosen to be an espiscopal church at the synod of Rathbreasil. In 1152 at the Synod of Kells, Kilfenora was granted its first Catholic Bishop and the diocese of Kilfenora then contained the baronies of Burren and Corcomoroe. At this time, many ornate High Crosses were erected to honour the setting up of the new Cathedral and the arrival of the first Bishop. Some of these crosses still exist today and they can be seen within the grounds of the Cathedral. In the 12th and 13th Centuries, Kilfenora was known as ‘The City of the Crosses’.

In 1866, the Bishop of Galway became the apostolic administrator of the Kilfenora Diocese on behalf of the papacy. The last Bishop to administer the diocese of Kilfenora from within the area, Bishop Patrick Fallon, retired in 1866. Enjoy home-made scones and tea in The Burren Centre Tea Rooms.

3pm, €10 per person, Book: info@theburrencentre.ie

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Date 03 Jul, 2020
Time 19:38 - 19:38

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