Yoga Earthing Retreat Root down to rise Up

What is the Earthing Retreat all about?

I believe deep connection with Nature has the power to heal our mind, bodies and souls.

​In a world that is so fast paced and we are often in Go Go Go mode, do we really take the time to stop, to look, to listen, to feel, to smell, to taste? To move out of our “thinking minds” and move our attention to our divine surroundings.

Both the outer world that surrounds us but also our inner world that is always present.

​The Earthing Retreat is about connecting with the Earth Energy.

​A combination of movement, meditations, nature walks, reflection, intention, Rest, wander, observation, balancing energy & transformation.

Taking time out of everyday life so that you give yourself the opportunity to tune into Mother Nature and your inner true nature. Creating this breathing space can help you to integrate what you learn back into your everyday life.

I will teach you techniques to help you to ground yourself, creating a sense of steadiness and ease in your body and bring your focus out of “monkey mind” which can refresh and replenish your whole being. We will explore moving any stagnant or stuck energy as you move your body in rhythm with your breath creating a gentle moving meditation allowing you to shift your thought patterns and create awareness and transformation.

We use examples from nature as our guide to help us to nurture ourselves from the outside-in and inwards-out.
Start:  Friday 12th 6pm, finish up after lunch on Sunday about 3pm.

Price per person including full board and workshop:
Hostel Dorm: 290
Twin Room: 325
Single: 345

To Book Your Space on the Earthing Retreat:

Call or Text Helena 0834710943

or email


Date 03 Jul, 2020
Time 19:21 - 19:21

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